Daily Schedule

Pre-School Schedule (varies by classroom)

6:30 Early morning activities – good morning snuggles and quiet activities

7:30 Breakfast / Discovery centers 

Circle time – stories, songs, and games

Clean up and bathroom break

Separate into classes

9:00 Circle time – weekly theme, sharing, stories, and songs

9:15 Snack

9:30 Discovery centers – art, music, sensory, creative play, small motor, large motor, blocks, books, science projects.

Bathroom breaks

Outside time

11:00 Circle time – bringing morning to a close

11:30 Lunch

12:15 Nap time – bedtime story, soft music, back rubs, and quiet visiting (quiet time activities available for non-nappers @ 1:00)

2:30 Wake up time and bathroom break

3:00 Snack time

3:15 Outside play

3:45 Afternoon activities –  discovery centers/projects

4:30 Bathroom break

4:45 Circle time

5:00 Late day activities – wrapping up our day with books, puzzles, and other calming activities

6:00 Center closes. Have a great evening and see you tomorrow!

The Infant Schedule is “on demand.” The needs of your infant are met as they occur. When feeding, changing, and sleeping needs have been met, caregivers work with individual infants preparing them for their next stage of development. 

The Toddler Schedule is similar to the pre-school schedule with more emphasis on care giving. Discovery centers are less structured reflecting the development stages of toddlers.