Our Programs

We provide a carefully planned program which includes activities that allow each child to make the most of their current stage of development and encourage them into the next. Children are given time to explore, discover and experiment with each activity. We change activities often enough to motivate learning, leaving enough the same to provide comfort and security.

From our classrooms to our common areas, everything about Discoveryland has been developed to help children build relationships with warm, caring teachers while they learn in a safe and stimulating environment. That’s why we divide our classrooms into interest areas where children can make emotional connections with themselves, their peers and adults.


For Our Parents

Parents, you are a very important part of our program. We encourage you to join us any time.  We are especially delighted when you become a part of our program by sharing a story, a song, an experience, etc. Thanks to parent volunteers, we are able to take some very special field trips. Other opportunities for you to become involved include:

      • Annual parent/teacher conferences
      • Joining us for lunch
      • Birthday celebrations
      • Family dinners
      • Fund-raisers
      • Training opportunities
      • Our annual Christmas program and other special holiday events.

We request that all parents become familiar with our policies as outlined in our parent handbook.